The “discret” kitchen is just an open invitation for culinary explorations. Expect an European and South American eclectic mix, boosted with Asian street food, including exquisite Japanese steaks in the fabulous Robata grill, or the best Indian Naan bread, baked in the special Tandoor oven.

The Uanderful philosophy is based on serving delicious dishes designed for sharing with others at a table, avoiding the classical “starter-main course” structure.

The Menu

Greetings and welcome to Uanderful!

Fair lady and kind sir, you may leave your coats at the wardrobe should you please, but it is binding that you leave your worries outside the door. We kindly advise to take a break from wi-fi, phonecalls and web browsing, it’s a gift you give yourself. While at Uanderful, do take a true moment for yourself, enjoy a Uanderful experience with family, friends and us!
When ready and confortable seated, let the story begin.

Expect an eclectic mix of european latin american and asian street food.

Our Uanderful philosophy is based on serving delicious dishes designed for sharing with others at a table, avoiding the classical “starter-main course” structure. As such, please expect our staff to bring your selection of dishes continuously during the meal. If we may, we kindly suggest that you ask our uanderful team for recommendations in matters of food and drinks that best match your choices.

Dips & Breads
Naan: Fresh Indian Tandoor Flat Bread
Pâine Naan Gătită Proaspăt în Cuptorul Indian
10.00 l

Bao: Steamed Chinese Bun
Bao: Brioșă Chinezească Gătită La Abur 100g
9.00 l

Chesse Cigaratte Borek with pul biber
“Tigareta” din Foietaj Turcesc umpluta cu Branza de Capra si Pul Biber 150g
29.00 l

Spiced Hummus with Extra Virgin Cretan Olive Oil
Hummus Picant cu Ulei de Măsline Extra Virgin Din Creta 150g
26.00 l

Housemade Uanderful Tzatziki
Tzatziki Grecesc făcut în casă 120g
21.00 l

Selection Of 3 Tastes : Olive Paste, Tomato Paste And Truffle Butter
Selecţie de 3 gusturi făcute în casă: Pasta de Măsline, Pasta de Roşii şi Unt de Trufe 150g
29.00 l

Paste Made Of Goat Cheese And Spanish Chorizo
Pastă Cremoasă din brânză de capră şi cârnat chorizo
29.00 l

Pike Fish Roe Dip
Icre de Ştiucă bătute lipoveneşte 120g
32.00 l

Roasted Tomatoes With Chili And Cheese
Roșii la Cuptor cu brânză și chili 170g
24.00 l

Cold & Raw
Raw Tuna In Tomato Juice With Kombu And Truffles
Ton Crud in suc de rosii cu alge si trufe 200g
39.00 l

NEW Duo Tartare: Two types of Fish, Tuna and Salmon, seasoned with Wasabi, Truffle and Lemon Juice
Doua tipuri de Tartar, Ton si Somon, cu Wasabi, Trufe si Suc de Lamaie 320g
56.00 l

Sashimi: Selection Of Fresh Fish With Soy Sauce
Sashimi: selecţie de peşte proaspăt servit cu sos de soia 300g
67.00 l

Japanese Seaweed Salad With Sesame Seeds
Salată Japoneză din Alge cu semințe de susan 100g
27.00 l

NEW Beef Carpaccio With Crispy Parmesan
Carpaccio din Muschi de Vită cu Parmezan Crocant 200g
58.00 l

Uanderful Dishes
Grilled Octopus Tentacles With Green Salad And Lime
Tentacule de Caracatiţă la grătar pe pat de salată mixtă cu lime 200g
54.00 l

NEW Fresh Salad With Octopus Grapefruit And Fennel
Salată cu Caracatiţă, Grapefruit şi Fenicul 400g
57.00 l

Crispy Fried Baby Calamari with Lime Zest and Chili
Calamari Crocanți Stropiți cu Lime și Chili 200g
29.00 l

Fresh Boiled Edamame With Sea Salt
Edamame cu sare de mare 250g
28.00 l

Filo Pastry With Goat Cheese And Truffles Served With Rucola And Porcini Mushrooms
Foietaj cu brânză de capră şi trufe servit cu rucola şi ciuperci porcini 250g
35.00 l

Duck Bao – Twice Cooked Duck, Vinegar and Plum Sauce
Bao de Rață – cu Rață Gătită de Două Ori, Oțet și Sos de Prune 250g
36.00 l

NEW Shredded Duck Leg With Valerian Leaves Peach, Quinoa And Peanuts
Salată cu Pulpă de Raţă Confiată, piersici, quinoa şi alune 410g
54.00 l

NEW The Uanderful Turkey Schnitzel
Sniţel din Piept de Curcan, cu Susan şi Sos de Branză 380g
46.00 l

Jap Chae Glass Noodles with Beef and Lots Of Vegetables
Noodles Jap Chae cu Vită și Legume Din Abundență 350g
42.00 l

Japanese Udon Noodles Stir Fried In Butter with Nori and Prawns
Noodles Japonezi Udon cu Creveți, Alge Nori, Trași în Unt 350g
38.00 l

Meat From The Robata
Spicy Beef Tenderloin with Sesame Red Chili and Sweet Soy
Mușchi de Vită Picant cu Susan Iute și Soia Dulce 200g
83.00 l

NEW Chateaubriand – Beef Tenderloin 600g
Dedicated for you by Uanderful as Chef Montmireil did for Vicomte de Chateaubriand in the 19th century, this meal is the French version of English beef-steak. It is the best piece from a beef tenderloin, cooked gentley by our chefs (min. 30’ ).
Perfect for 2 persons.
For more informations please ask the waiter.
Muschi de Vită 600 g
260 l

Lamb Chops Served with Mint Mustard
Cotlet de Miel Servit cu Sos de Muștar și Mentă 200g
48.00 l

Caramelized Marinated Short Ribs with Lime
Costițe Marinate și Caramelizate cu Lime 300g
36.00 l

Yakitori Beef Skewers Marinated In Ginger Soy
Frigărui de Vită Yakitori marinate în soia cu ghimbir 150g
65.00 l

Tandoori Chicken Breast Marinated In Yogurt
Piept de Pui marinat în iaurt şi gătit în cuptor indian 200g
36.00 l

NEW Ostrich Steak On Robata Grill With Soy Sauce
Pulpă de Struţ gătită la foc de Cărbuni 250g
77.00 l

NEW Duck Breast With Hoisin Sauce
Piept de Rată cu Sos Chinezesc Hoisin 300g
85.00 l

The Uanderful Burger
Burgerul Uanderful 350g
39.00 l

Sea Food
Thai Tiger Prawns With A Coconut And Lemon Grass Soup
Creveți Tiger cu supă de cocos şi lemongrass 300g
74.00 l

Seabass with Grilled Tomato and Ginger
Biban de Mare cu Roșii la Cuptor și Ghimbir 200g
49.00 l

Alaska Black Cod With A Miso And Mirin Sauce
Cod Negru de Alaska cu sos de miso și mirin 150g
78.00 l

Grilled Tuna Steak With Guacamole
Steak de Ton la grătar cu guacamole 200g
68.00 l

Vegetables & Sides
Grilled Corn With Basil And Pecorino Cheese
Porumb Copt cu Busuioc şi Brânză Pecorino 200g
23.00 l

Grilled Asparagus With Sea Salt Flakes
Sparanghel la Grătar cu Fulgi de Sare 150g
37.00 l

Mashed Potatoes With Truffles And Butter
Piure de Cartofi cu Unt si Trufe 200g
26.00 l

Hand Cut French Fries With Mint, Garlic And Parmesan
Cartofi Prăjiți cu Mentă, Usturoi şi Parmezan 160g
16.00 l

Basmati Rice With Parmesan And An Infusion Of Lemon Grass
Orez Basmati cu Parmezan şi Infuzie de Lemon Grass 150g
24.00 l

Vegetables Tempura
Legume Tempura 150g
22.00 l

Uanderful Edamame Salad With Mixed Vegetables
Salată Uanderful cu Edamame şi mix de legume 250g
32.00 l

Chocolate Lava Cake
Vulcan de Ciocolată 200g
35.00 l

Coconut Mousse Covered In Chocolate With Pineapple Sorbet
Mousse de Cocos învelit în ciocolată servit cu sorbet de ananas 150g
32.00 l

Apple Strudel With Vanilla Sauce And Ice Cream
Ştrudel de Mere cu sos de vanilie şi îngheţată 200g
29.00 l

Caramel And Gianduja Chocolate Bar With Raspberry Sorbet
Baton de Caramel şi Ciocolată Gianduja servit cu sorbet de zmeură 150g
30.00 l

Green Tea Cheese Cake With Passion Fruit
Spumă de brânză cu infuzie de ceai verde 150g
28.00 l

Your Choice Of A Homemade Fratellini Dessert
Desert Fratellini făcut în casă la alegere
30.00 l

*Please be advised that our dishes may contain allergens: gluten from flour, eggs, milk or derivative, celery, sesame, soy, mustard, unpeeled fruits and sulphites. Article 9 paragraph (1), letter (c) in (eu) regulations no.1169/2011

From Chef